Webb Mountain Discovery Zone

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"Things that Go Bump in the Night" 

A nighttime vernal pool investigation with Hank Gruner

 (May 18th, 2012)

After a few minutes in the dark at the water's edge just listening, 
Hank gave the command to switch on the flashlights to "see what we can find."

One young participant immediately captured a green frog, 
earning him the nickname, "The Frog Whisperer"

Specimen jar in hand, another young investigator 
prepares to capture a salamander.

Specimen jars were passed around so all could see and learn 
about the many creatures that live in the ponds and pools.  

The discovery of salamander larvae and wood frog egg masses 
to fairy shrimp and water spiders illuminated by flashlight in the surrounding darkness 
made the findings even more mysterious and interesting.

Hank Gruner helped identify the many organisms and shared something interesting 
about their life cycle and habitat before returning the creatures to the waters.  

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