Webb Mountain Discovery Zone

Where science & history meet nature in a fun, hands-on learning experience

Webb Mountain Discovery Zone 

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Mailing Address: 52 Webb Circle, Monroe, CT 06468

Discovery Zone Address: 71 Webb Circle, Monroe, CT 06468

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Party Theme

  Pirate Treasure Hunt

  Elf Adventures

  A Fairy Happy Birthday

  Lizards, Turtles, Snakes

  Buggin’ Out Birthday

  Artful Birthday

  Vernal Pool Party

  This Birthday Rocks

  Dig This Party

  Scavenger Hunt


Discovery Zone Description

The Webb Mountain Discovery Zone promotes exploration and learning in a fun, hands-on environment.  The Discovery Zone has a comprehensive trail system with interpretive signs and a self-directed scavenger hunt, centered on the theme of “How the people and animals have used the land, past and present.”  We recommend wearing long sleeve shirts and pants, and sneakers or boots, and using bug spray when visiting the Discovery Zone.


Payment information

Please submit a check payable to the “Webb Mountain Discovery Zone” with this application.

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*If paying by check, please provide the driver’s license ID# of person writing check.


The undersigned does hereby individually and as duly authorized agent for the applicant hold the Town of Monroe harmless from any loss, claim, expense or liability arising out of persons and groups using the Webb Mountain Discovery Zone facilities pursuant to this application.  The undersigned, individually and as duly authorized agent for applicants further agrees to comply with all rules and regulations associated with the Webb Mountain Discovery Zone facilities and will reimburse the Webb Mountain Discovery Zone for all clean up and /or damage caused during use of the facility.

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