Webb Mountain Discovery Zone

Where science & history meet nature in a fun, hands-on learning experience

Pre-k and kindergarten programs

We currently offer 3 seasonal programs geared specifically towards children ages 3 through 5: Discovering Autumn, Discovering Spring, and Summer Discoveries.  Each program is run on a once-a-week basis.  Each week, we read a story related to that day's topic, explore the Discovery Zone trails through the eyes of our children, and create a craft together!  Interacting in a natural setting offers young children unsurpassed opportunities for mental, physical and emotional growth.  The shared experience of an adult over the course of the program further enhances this impact.

Studies are linking the growing disconnect of children interacting with nature to increased levels of attention deficit, obesity and depression, in addition to a sharp decline of scientists and engineers.  Our programs will help children sharpen their observation skills, increase their awareness and feed their imagination.
Let the Discovery Zone introduce nature to your children so that its many benefits will last a lifetime.

After School Programs

Our after school programs run for 7 weeks, with each program held once a week.  These programs will begin in September and are open to students in grades K through 5!  Follow the link above for more information. 

Half-Day Summer Programs

Our half-day summer program, Discovery Summer, begins at the end of June and is divided into 8 unique sessions.  Each session runs from 9am to 12pm, Monday through Friday.  Children entering pre-k through 5th grade are welcome to join us for up to five weeks of exploration during the summer! Children will be split into groups based on their age.  For more information on Discovery Summer, follow the link above! 

Picture This

Picture This is a nature photography class open to students from Pre-K to 5th grade! Digital cameras will be provided to each student during the class. Caregivers will have access to their child's photos - these photos will be available online for free download.  For more information, head over to our Picture This page.  

Special Events

The Discovery Zone also hosts special programs and events throughout the year, including an Easter Egg Hunt, photography classes, and more! For more information on past, future, and current events, head on over to our Special Events page. 

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